And a brisk Friday morning it is in NYC -- what did
I tellya about our
> fleeting falls? Winter is here! I haven't braved it
yet for the run to
water. Not because I'm a-feared, but because our
Flashers from around the<br>
world have kept moi quite busy this morning. First,
Alicia Mosier braves
the blood and other gore to bring back, no, not the
head of Alfredo
but the U.S. premiere of what I'd say is the most
thrilling story ballet
hit these shores in many years: Birmingham Royal
Ballet's production of
David Bintley's &quot;Edward II.&quot; Maybe Peter
Martins couldn't sit through it<br>
(his City Ballet Eminence left after the first act),
but if you're
for engaging, inventive story-telling-through-choreography...not
edge-of-your-seat, don't walk to
City Center! You
how when you see a movie so scary you have to keep
reminding yourself,
It's just a movie, it's just a movie
Well, last night I found myself
saying,It's just a ballet, it's just a ballet
Oh no, it's so much
Alicia breaks it down for you much
better than I just did.
Speaking of emperors, debut Flasher Christine Chen
finds two naked ones
& the San Francisco Bay Area, names of Martha Clarke
and Mark Morris. And
fellow debut Flasher Shena Wilson finds royal-worthy
fare from the foot
shoulders, as she checks out the choreographic
creations of dancers and
others at the National Ballet of Canada
choreographic workshop in

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Speaking of far-flung correspondents, our source in
Moscow checks in with the latest on the turmoil at the Bolshoi, where, as
faithful DI readers know, Bolshoi Theatre director and dancing legend
Vladimir Vasiliev was recently ousted by wannabe legend Vladimir Putin.
The situation is unpredictable at the moment, our source tells
us.The only thing I definitely know is that all the premieres of the
Bolshoi Ballet for this season were cancelled. And that Mr. Yuri Grigorovich (the former
Bolshoi Ballet director) will be staging his version
of 'Swan Lake' this season and that he will stage
two other ballets next season. The latest premiere 'Pharaoh's Daughter' 's
fate is also miserable,as the new artistic director (of the theater) does
not like the music of this ballet. Alexei Fadeechev, who is still the
Bolshoi Ballet artistic director says he is trying to protect what was done
and planned to be done.
And, speaking of culture wars, this just in from the
newsletter of Needcompany. Reports Need director Jan Lauwers:
Do you know, dear people, how Flanders is being represented at Expo 2000 in
Hanover? By a merry-go-round with horses and 150 sorts of beer.
Imagine it: guzzling as much beer as possible and then going on the merry-go-round
to get drunk even quicker. A successful example of populism.
Speaking of Needcompany, the newsletter also reports
that Grace Ellen Barkey's version of Bartok's Miraculous
Mandarin, which premiered and then closed last year at P.S.122 (after the Bartok
estate withdrew permission When New
Means New), has been re-worked by Barkey into Few Things
There's a new score, some new material, but the same ol' sensational and versatile
cast. It opens in Bergen, Norway, on 7 October, and in Brussels on 15